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Fieldwork dallas focus group research paper

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fieldwork dallas totally focus class investigation paper




Co-Head Coaches: Aaron plus Cindi Timmons

Team Manager: Cindi Timmons

Team Members: Ishan Bhatt, Emmanuel Bole, Maddie Retainer Anh Cao, Elyse Dewbre, Emily Grantham, Jack Manley, Ranen Miao, Leila Saklou, Liana Schmitter-Emerson, Henry Tillitski, Brian Zhou

Greenhill fieldwork dallas place emphasis crew analysis pieces of paper Dallas, TX
Primary area – John Zhou, Ishan Bhatt, Anh Cao
Secondly set – Leila Saklou, Lenny Tillitski, Jack port Fieldwork dallas focus group homework newspaper awards – Ranen Miao – 1st, Ishan Bhatt – Further (8 within that main 10)

Cornell Or even – Ithaca, Fresh York
First position – Anh Cao, Ranen Miao, Liana Schmitter-Emerson
Next set (hit United states of america squad through semis) – Erika Bole, Maddie Servant, Elyse Dewbre, Luke Tillitski
*Speaker awards – Anh Cao – Primary, Ranen Miao – Second, Jordan Bole – Next, Liana Schmitter-Emerson – 5th

EurOpen – Stuttgart, Germany
Subsequent set – Leila Saklou, Eliza Bole, Lomaz Tillitski, Brian Zhou
1 / 3 area – Emily Grantham, Ishan Bhatt, Ranen Miao, Jack port Johnson
*Speaker awards – Leila Saklou – 2nd, Lenny Tillitski – Second, Brian Zhou – Fifth, Emily Grantham – 7th (other Check out were being during top 16)


Co-Head Coaches: Aaron Timmons, Cindi Timmons


Team Manager: Cindi Timmons


Team Members:  Shreya Agarwala, Shreyoshi Das, Piper Doyle, Emily Grantham, Ranen Miao, Ella Michaels, Nikhil Ramaswamy, Leila Saklou, John Zhou

Alfred “Tuna” Snider Earth Faculties Argument Contest – Cornell University

1st – Shreyoshi Das, Ranen Miao, Leila Saklou

2nd – Piper Doyle, Emily Grantham, Nikhil Ramaswamy

Top Financial thinking about rag articles – Ranen Miao

EurOpen – Stuttgart, Germany

1st – Piper Doyle, Emily Grantham, Ella Michaels

3rd – Shreyoshi Das, Ranen Miao, Leila Saklou

Winter Family vacation Start – Zagreb Croatia

Quarters – Shreyoshi Das, Shreya Agarwala, Nikhil Ramaswamy

Quarters – Emily Grantham, Leila Saklou, Brian Zhou

International Earth Educational institutions Question Contest – Ljutomer, Slovenia

1st – Ella Michaels, Nikhil Ramaswamy, Ranen Miao

Quarters – Piper Doyle, Shreya Agarwala, Brian Zhou

*Top Presenter – Nikhil Ramaswamy

*Second Place Speaker phone – Ella Michaels

Harvard Globe Institutions Invitational

Quarters – Shreya Agarwala, Emily Grantham, Ranen Miao, Brian Zhou

Octos – Ella Michaels, Shreyoshi Das, Piper Doyle, Nikhil Ramaswamy, Leila Saklou

USA Controversy Organization – WSDC – Zagreb, Croatia

Ella Michaels (Captain), Shreyoshi Das, Short event scientific studies industry ethics Ramaswamy, Emily Grantham, Leila Saklou


motor coach buses – Fanele Mashwama not to mention Danny DeBois


Co-Head Coaches: Aaron Timmons, The fireplace and also all the salamander Timmons 


Team Manager: Cindi Timmons


Team Members:  Aditya Dhar, Gaurav Gawankar,  Ellie Grossman, Colette Faulkner, Debbie Lanier, Josh Could, Ella Michaels, Nikhil Ramaswamy, Gessayova 163 Yount

EurOpen – Hamburg, Germany

Quarterfinalists – Aditya Dhar, Ellie Grossman, Colette Faulkner, Sarah Lanier, Ella Michaels

Winter Holiday getaway Open up – Zagreb, Germany

2nd – Aditya Dhar, Josh May well, Ella Michaels, Liz Yount

3rd – Colette Faulkner, Gaurav Gawankar, Daphne Lanier, Nikhil Ramaswamy

USA Controversy Staff – WSDC – Bali, Indonesia

3rd – Colette Faulkner (Captain), Aditya Dhar, Ellie Grossman, Daphne Lanier, Ella Michaels


fieldwork dallas concentrate cluster investigate paper

mentor – Fanele Mashwama


Coaches:  Aaron Timmons, Cindi Timmons, Alfred “Tuna” Snider


Team Manager: Cindi Timmons


Team Members:  Milan Amritraj, Nik Angelopoulos, Sonya Huang, Amit Kukreja, Julia Lauer, Josh Will probably, Nikhil Ramaswamy, Liz Yount, Matthew Zheng


Winter Trip Amenable – Zagreb, Croatia

1st – Milan Amritraj, Josh May well, Liz Yount

3rd – Nik Angelopoulos, Amit Kukreja, Julia Lauer

International Environment Universities Disagreement Tournament – Ljutomer, Slovenia

2nd – Nik Angelopoulos, Amit Kukreja, Julia Lauer

3rd – Milan Amritraj, Josh Will probably, Liz Yount

USA Discourse Squad – WSDC – Stuttgart

Milan Management teaching scenario study (Captain), Sonja Huang, Amit Kukreja, Josh Could, Liz Yount


Coaches: Aaron Timmons, Alfred “Tuna” Snider, Cindi Timmons


Team Manager: Cindi Timmons


Team Members: Milan Amritraj,  Nik Angelopoulos,  Sara Evall,  Nicky Halterman, Jane Golf irons, Abigail, Marone, Mitali Mathur, Tiana Menon, Amelia Miller, Jasper Primack, SunHee Simon, Matthew Zheng


EurOpen – Stuttgart, Germany

Quarter-finalists – Milan Amritraj,  Nik Angelopoulos, Nicky Halterman, Abby Marone

Quarter-finalists – Mitali Mathur, Jasper Primack, SunHee Simon, Matthew Zheng

International Environment Institutions Disagreement Match – Ljutomer, Slovenia

1st – Nicky Halterman, Jasper Primack, SunHee Simon

2nd – Milan Amritraj, Nik Angelopoulos, Sara Evall

USA Controversy Power team – WSDC – Singapore

10th put – Nicky Halterman (Captain), Nik Angelopoulos, Mitali Mathur, Jasper Primack, SunHee Simon

6th put subwoofer – Nicky Halterman


Coaches:  Aaron Timmons, Alfred “Tuna” Snider 


Team Manager: Cindi Timmons


Team Members:  Nik Angelopoulos, Danny DeBois, Sara Evall, Daniel Garrison, Shania Search for, Jane Iron, Tiana Menon, Amelia Burns, Lily Nellans

International Society High schools Debate Tournament – Ljutomer, Slovenia

1st – Danny DeBois, Sara Evall, Amelia Miller

2nd – Nik Angelopoulos, Daniel Garrison, Helen Irons

Top Presenter – Her Irons

World Schools Issue Academy – Slovenia

1st structuring a good fantastic thesis statement Danny DeBois, Sara Evall, Tiana Menon

Top Subwoofer – Danny DeBois

USA Question Staff – WSDC – Thailand

Nik Angelopoulos, Daniel Garrison, Mitali Fieldwork dallas focus class study daily news, Tiana Menon

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