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Russian energy

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Since at least March 2016, Russian government cyber actors—hereafter referred to as “threat actors”—targeted government entities and multiple U.S. critical infrastructure sectors, including the energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation, and critical manufacturing sectors.Analysis by DHS and FBI, resulted in the identification of distinct indicators and behaviors related to this activity.


News articles on human genes

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Human populations feature a broad palette of skin tones. But until now, few genes have been shown to contribute to normal variation in skin color, and these had primarily been discovered through studies of European populations.Now, a study of diverse African groups led by University of Pennsylvania geneticists has identified new genetic variants associated with skin pigmentation. The findings help explain the vast range of skin color on the African continent, shed light on human evolution and inform an understanding of the genetic risk factors for conditions such as skin cancer."We have identified new genetic variants that contribute to the genetic basis of one of the most strikingly variable traits in modern humans," said Sarah Tishkoff, a Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor and the David and Lyn Silfen University Professor in Genetics and Biology with appointments in the Perelman School of Medicine and School of Arts and Sciences.


Nestle case study change management

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Nestle is a multinational company based on Switzerland, was establish long ago in 1866 by Henri nestle which supplies different kinds of food products. Over the period nestle has grown as one of the big company. Nestle USA is a part of nestle company, having seven business divisions: beverage, confection and snacks, food service, foreign trade, nutrition, prepared food and sales.


Xenith helmet articles

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Xenith's R&D team developed a new outer polymer shell for the Shadow. (Courtesy of Xenith) Xenith has made inroads into the football helmet marketplace with innovations such as its matrix of shock absorbers and its internal suspension system that aims to prevent impact forces on the outer shell of a helmet being transmitted to a player’s head. The company’s latest advance, manifested in the newly released Xenith Shadow, is a new polymer that works to disperse more of the force of a collision.“It is something that our team developed through material science,” Xenith CEO Ryan Sullivan said.


Cover letter for hr executive position

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Nearly every time I talk with executives about their job search and the career documents they need the long-standing question comes up…Do I really need a cover letter and is it really being read?Some executives will tell me that they personally don’t read candidate cover letters (the reasons: they are usually not well written, sound canned, not tailored, etc.). Others will tell me that they do read them—some before they read the resume and others after they read the resume, looking for consistency between the two documents and interest in their company and the position.They also tell me that a focused and well-written cover letter that supports the resume or CV will attract their attention over a candidate whose letter is poorly written or who does not provide one at all.So, can a cover letter distinguish you from other candidates and help you in your search?The answer: Yes, with some employers and some executive recruiters.


Cosmetic ad

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A Revealing Look At Beauty Advertising By: Amanda Ray Filed under: FashionJanuary 22, 2015Pants that tighten your tummy, creams that melt cellulite, and injections that take 10 years off your face. These are some of the advertising claims fueling our desires for six-pack abs, firm thighs, and flawless skin.The multi-billion-dollar beauty industry encompasses makeup, skin and hair care, fragrances, cosmetic surgery, health clubs, diet pills, and fashion.


Instant article wizard tutorial

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Instant Article Wizard has grown dramatically since the first version was released. This review will give you an overview of the features Instant Article Wizard offers, click here if you want the full list.See Instant Article Wizard in Action Now One very important factor for me is that Instant Article Wizard is owned and created by IM software developer Jonathan Leger. Jon has released many top software products, including the excellent spinning software The Best Spinner.


Personal statement examples for university accounting

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If you’re after personal statement examples for university, top tips and no-nos for creating them, you’re in the right place. For ideas on how to write a personal statement, examples of best practice (and even examples of good personal statements for jobs), grab a pen and read on… What is a personal statement?Actors have headshots, singers have demos, and the rest of us have a personal statement; examples of industries which might expect one include sales, communication or leadership roles.


Example of cover letter to accompany cv

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A cover letter for your CV, or covering note is an introductory message that accompanies yourCVwhen applying for a job.The purpose of the cover letter is simple… Persuade the reader to open your CV.Learn how to write a cover letter properly, and you will hugely increase your chances of getting responses and landing job interviews.This guide and annotated cover letter examples below will show you everything you need to know about creating a winning cover note.Guide contentsAnatomy of a CV cover letterCV cover letter examplesCover letter writing guidesAnatomy of a cover letter for your CVThis annotated example of a cover letter shows you how you should structure your cover letters, and the type of information you should be including.You should always write your CV in the body of your email (or job site messaging system) so that it can be read instantly. Never attach it as a separate document, or the recipient probably won't open it.Example CV cover lettersThese 11 example CV cover letters from a range of industries should give you some good inspiration for creating your own cover letterAdmin CV cover letterThis cover letter is aimed at administrative roles, so it highlights the candidate's abilities in efficiency, report writing and meeting deadlines, whilst demonstrating the types of environments they have worked in.Customer service CV cover letterThis customer service cover letter briefly explains the candidate's length of experience in the field and highlights some of the more important customer service skills such as call handling, order taking and complaint resolution.This gives the reader an excellent introduction to the candidate and should certainly encourage them to open the CV. See our full customer service cover letter guide.Finance CV cover letterAs a finance professional, it's important to highlight your specialisms within finance, the types of companies you've worked for, and high level functions you've carried out within your cover letter. This will give the hiring manager a good overall feel of your abilities, and if it's well tailored to the role, should provide them with enough info to excite them about your CV.Events CV cover letterThis events manager candidate has done a great job of summarising the type and size of events they manage, along with details of core skills such as leadership, project delivery and stakeholder management.This certainly provides enough info to create a buzz around the CV attached and encourage the recipient to open it.Executive assistant CV cover letterThis executive assistant CV cover letter provides a good high level intro to the candidate showing the reader key business support knowledge in areas such as admin, diary management and document management.


Fieldwork dallas focus group research paper

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coaches – Fanele Mashwama and Danny DeBois2016-17Co-Head Coaches: Aaron Timmons, Cindi Timmons  Team Manager: Cindi Timmons Team Members:  Aditya Dhar, Gaurav Gawankar,  Ellie Grossman, Colette Faulkner, Sarah Lanier, Josh May, Ella Michaels, Nikhil Ramaswamy, Liz YountEurOpen – Hamburg, GermanyQuarterfinalists – Aditya Dhar, Ellie Grossman, Colette Faulkner, Sarah Lanier, Ella MichaelsWinter Holiday Open – Zagreb, Germany2nd – Aditya Dhar, Josh May, Ella Michaels, Liz Yount3rd – Colette Faulkner, Gaurav Gawankar, Sarah Lanier, Nikhil RamaswamyUSA Debate Team – WSDC – Bali, Indonesia3rd – Colette Faulkner (Captain), Aditya Dhar, Ellie Grossman, Sarah Lanier, Ella Michaels*asst.

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