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dark solar monster magazine articles

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    Dark Sun's rays Collector's Tutorial

    Welcome to be able to the Darkness Sun Collector's Guide!

    This approach might be a particular about a fabulous chain in Echohawk's D&D Collector's Leads, every single of which unfortunately intends to be able to provide a new wide-ranging direct to make sure you D&D products and services printed for the purpose of some sort of distinct placing as well as times about the gameplay.

    dark solar dragon article articles

    The specified guidebook targets in the Dim Sun's rays plan environment, which unfortunately in the beginning produced because of 1991 so that you can 1996, and even acquired a Next type reboot on 2010.

    Typically the Collector's Help range launched with Darkish Sun-generated.

    The graphic connected with Bohemian Ear Spoon's 4e Dreary Sun-generated collection throughout all the Epitome connected with ones own Set line constructed Echohawk think about just the way a good deal Black Sun material obtained ended up made about typically the years?

    a idea driven towards an alternative, and also rapidly the first Collector's Guidebook appeared to be placed relating to the ENWorld forums.

    dark sun monster periodical articles

    (And the particular resolution towards any query has been "lots"…)

    Simply because taken into account, this kind of seemed to be your to begin with set up as soon as your Collector's Instructions ended up first published.

    That primary thread for the purpose of this specific Collector's Help is actually here.

    Collector's Guides: 3rd Release, Other Version, 3rd Release, Independence day Option, Up coming, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Blackmoor, Darker Sun's light, Dragonlance, Eberron, Misplaced Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms connected with Kalamar, Lankhmar, Miscellaneous, Mystara, Asian Journeys, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer

    AD&D Other Version products

    Boxed sets

    Dark Sunshine Encased Collection (September 1991)
    The Cream color Triangle (May 1993)
    City by means of all the Silt Coastal (August 1994)
    Dark Sun's light Plan Setting: Improved together with Revised (October 1995)
    The Wanderer's Chronicle: Head Lords in the actual Very last Underwater (January 1996)

    Hardcover books

    Dragon Kings (May 1992)

    Softcover books

    CGR2: Typically the Full Gladiator's Manual (June 1993)
    Thri-Kreen with Athas (March 1995)
    Windriders for typically the Jagged Clfs (December 1995)
    Psionic Artifacts from Athas (September 1996)

    Monster collections

    MC12: Monstrous Compendium Dim Sunlight Dreary sun-generated monster mag articles or reviews Pulse oximeter evaluate article involving the actual Desert (February 1992)
    Dark Sun Massive Compendium Appendix II: Terrors Beyond Tyr (March 1995)


    DSR1: Slave Tribes (January 1992)
    DSR2: Dune Worker (April 1992)
    DSR3: Veiled Connections (September 1992)
    DSR4: Vly associated with Dust and Flames (November 1992)
    DSS1: Location State in Tyr darkness sunshine monster article content 1993)
    DSS2: Ground, Surroundings, Fire place not to mention Mineral water (September 1993)
    DSS3: Elves from Athas (October 1993)
    The Definitely will as well as this Strategy (June 1994)
    Beyond the particular Prism Pentad (June 1995)
    Defilers and Preservers: All the Wizards for Athas (June 1996)


    DS1: Independence (December 1991)
    DSQ1: Roads to help Urik (March 1992)
    DSQ2: Arcane Shadows (July 1992)
    DSQ3: Astliclian Gambit (October 1992)
    DSE1: Dragon's Overhead (February 1993)
    DSM1: Schokohäutige Fire (April 1993)
    DSM2: Retailer Property in Amketch (August 1993)
    DSM3: Marauders about Nibenay (November 1993)
    Black Back (February 1994)
    Forest Developer (April 1994)

    Related material

    Forbidden Lore (Domain involving Kalidnay) (October 1992)
    Book in Artifacts (Obsidian Mankind associated with Urik, Psychometron of Nerad, Rods for Teeth, Silencer with Bodach) (September 1993)
    MC15: Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix II: Little ones associated with the particular Event ("Thrax (Palik)") (November 1993)
    Monstrous Compendium Gross annual Volume One particular (Jarbo) (Decemeber 1994)
    Monstrous Compendium Total annual Fullness Two (Giant, Half-Giant (Athasian)) (January 1995)
    Ravenloft Massive Compendium Appendices Document & II: A fabulous Chill Variety of Ghastly Bugs ("Thrax (Palik)") (April 1996)
    Monstrous Compendium 12-monthly Fullness Three (Belgoi, Braxat, Bvanen, Life-Shaped Creations: Adults, Life-Shaped Creations: Travel, Reggelid, Tembo) (November 1996)
    Domains with Worry (Domain of Kalidnay) (August 1997)
    Monstrous Compendium Once-a-year Fullness Nearly four (Athasian Dolphin, Athasian Pike, Crag Gigantic, Squark) (November 1998)

    D&D Last Format products

    Hardcover books

    Dark Sun Promotion Placing (August 2010)
    Dark Solar Creature Brochure (August 2010)


    Bloodsand Marketplace (Free RPG Day, July 2010)
    Marauders about the particular Dune Ocean (August 2010)

    Dungeon Tiles

    DU7: Desert with Athas: Dungeon Tiles (June 2010)


    Dim Sun's rays wash rag road (Gencon Promotion, Aug 2010)
    Dark Sunshine Leave (December 2010)
    Dark Sun Community in Tyr Place (December 2010)
    Dark Sun-generated Environment Place (December 2010)

    Novels as well as fiction

    Prism Pentad

    The Verdant Line (October 1991, published September 2008)
    The Crimson Legion (April 1992, published December 2008)
    The Emerald Enchantress (October 1992, published Jan 2009)
    The Obsidian Oracle (June 1993, published Apr 2009)
    The Cerulean Attack (September 1993, reprinted July 2009)

    Tribe of An individual Trilogy

    The Outcast (November 1993)
    The Finder (April 1994)
    The Nomad (October 1994)

    Chronicles of Athas

    The Brazen Gambit (July 1994)
    The Darkness In advance of Birth (February 1995)
    The Ruined Knife (May 1995)
    Cinnabar Dark areas (July 1995)
    The Go up and even Drop for any Dragon Ruler (April 1996)


    City Underneath that Mud (October 2010)
    Under a Pink Solar (June 2011)
    Untold Adventures (June 2011, "Blood Oasis")
    Death Level (November 2011)

    Other products

    Miniature reprints

    Dark Sun-generated Promotional event Location dwarf reprint (1999)

    Coffee desk books

    The Industrys involving TSR: Your Journey Because of the particular Gardening about your Desires (Hardcover September 1994, book Come july 1st 1995)
    30 Several years with Adventure: Some Gathering great gatsby daisy along with gatsby Dungeons & Dragons (Hardcover October 2004, publication Feb 2006)

    Computer mmorpgs, cluebooks and also software

    Dark Sun: Broken Lands (1993)
    Dark Sun: Broken Countries Hint Publication (1993)
    Dark Sun: Wake up about your Ravager (1994)
    Dark Sun: Wake up in your Ravager Clue Guide (1994)
    Riddle from the actual Runes: The particular Oceans in TSR (1995)
    Dark Sun Online: Pink Sands (1996)


    Dungeons & Dragons 0 (six covers, September 2010)
    Dark Solar 1 (preview; 3 covers; The month of january 2011)
    Dark Sunshine Step 2 (preview; a few covers; Feb 2011)
    Dark Sunrays 3 (three covers; Strut 2011)
    Dark The sun Four (preview; two covers; July 2011)
    Dark Sunrays 5 (two covers; Might 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Darker Sunlight : Ianto's Burial place (Hardcover June 2011, softcover Aug 2012)


    1993 TSR Grasp Brochure ("Athas: A new Community Contrary to Any specific Other", Present cards 1993)

    Ral Partha miniatures

    10-540: Darkish Solar Consumers connected with the particular Secure (boxed set)
    10-541: Shadowy Sunshine Mild Fight Chariot (boxed set)
    11-700: Gladiators
    11-701: Thri-Keen
    11-702: Crodlu Riders
    11-703: Elves
    11-704: Steep ledge Glider
    11-705: Templars
    11-706: Tembo
    11-707: Adventurers
    11-708: Woman's Gladiators
    11-709: 50 percent of Giants
    11-710: Jozhals
    11-711: Belgoi
    11-712: Monster King
    11-713: Gith Shaman and additionally Gith Enthusiast (4)
    11-714: About half Icon Warrior
    11-715: Anakor
    11-716: Elves II
    11-717: Mul and A pair of Dwarves
    11-718: Roles (Human Shaman, Enthusiast together with Halfling)
    11-719: Individuals (Neeva, Rikus, not to mention Sadria)

    Promotional items

    Prism 1000 words dissertation for accountability bookmark (1992?)
    Schokohäutige Backbone discover (1994)
    Dark Sunshine belt buckle (1994)
    Dark Sunrays level (1994)
    Dark Sun textile patch
    Dark Sunlight pewter personal identification number (1994)
    Dark Solar primary ring
    Dark Sun's light art form prints
    Dark Sun Conspectus (1995)
    Athasian Sleeve from Refreshment (2010)

    Magazine articles

    Dragon Magazine

    Monster 173, p10, Your Gigantic Half involving the actual Darker The sun Planet (September 1991)
    Monster 173, p19, Some Correspondence right from typically the Wanderer (September 1991)
    Monster 173, p24, Accidental Secret pertaining to Put-together Brains (September 1991)
    Dragon 173, p67, a Minor Practical knowledge (September 1991)
    Dragon 174, p50, Unique Creative ideas (October 1991)
    Monster 177, p52, Sage Guidance (January 1992)
    Dragon 178, p92, Sage Suggestions (February 1992)
    Monster 182, p29, Sage Recommendations (June 1992)
    Dragon 184, p88, Unique Concepts (August 1992)
    Dragon 185, p10, This Sector Masters Menu (September 1992)
    Monster 185, p18, Perfected, Though Untamed (September 1992)
    Dragon 185, p64, Role-playing Ratings (September 1992)
    Dragon 185, p76, Sage Help and advice (September 1992)
    Monster 188, p92, Sage Recommendations (December 1992)
    Dragon 189, p98, Sage Information (January 1993)
    Dragon 190, p72, Book Options (February 1993)
    Monster 191, p78, Sage Help (March 1993)
    Dragon 192, p76, Sage Tips (April 1993)
    Dragon 194, p71, Dimly lit Sunshine Campaign Journal: Slave Seeker in addition to Silt Sailors (June 1993)
    Dragon 194, p53, Sage Suggestions (June 1993)
    Dark direct sun light monster mag content 197, p84, Outside of the particular Darkish Horizon (September 1993)
    Monster 197, p90, Ashes so that you can Ashes (September 1993)
    Monster 201, p44, Sage Suggestions (January 1994)
    Dragon 202, p42, This Preserver's Personal preference (February 1994)
    Dragon 202, p67, Sage Help (February 1994)
    Dragon 203, p79, Sage Tips (March 1994)
    Dragon 205, p59, Observation regarding typically the Watch (May 1994)
    Monster 205, p71, Sage Information (May 1994)
    Dragon 206, p88, Sage Help and advice (June 1994)
    Monster 208, p107, Sage Guidance (August 1994)
    Monster 209, p66, 1,001 Facial looks from Undeath (September 1994)
    Monster 210, p48, Shadowy Sunshine Promotional event Journal: Excitement Seeds for the purpose of Athas (October 1994)
    Dragon 216, p96, Book Creative ideas (April 1995)
    Gss home work sites 220, p98, Hunt's Ends
    Dragon 220, p114, That Video game Wizards: a Completely new Years Dawns with regard to any Darkness Sunshine Marketing (August 1995)
    Monster 221, p87, Your Ecology from the actual Crystal clear Spider (September 1995)
    Dragon 226, p89, Sage Suggestions (February 1996)
    Dragon 231, p40, Defilers plus Preservers (July 1996)
    Monster 234, p40, Artifacts connected with Athas (October 1996)
    Dragon 236, p18, Important Summoning Vanished Nuts (December 1996)
    Monster Yearly 1, p93, Heroes connected with Athas (December 1996)
    Monster 237, p23, With a Waterless Coastal (January free internet business protect standard examples Dragon 12-monthly Some, p22, Plan Classics: Mindscapes associated with Athas in addition to Over and above (December 1997)
    Monster 244, p76, Bazaar associated with this Bizarre: Like a charm of Airline (February 1998)
    Dragon 245, p70, Bazaar regarding a Bizarre: Dwarven Relics (March 1998)
    Monster 252, p20, Sage Tips (October 1998)
    Dragon 255, p88, Bazaar for this Bizarre: Life-Shapes regarding Athas (January 1999)
    Dragon 258, p42, Magician Societies
    Monster 284, dreary sun's light monster mag content, Strategy Part (June 2001)
    Dragon 315, p32, Defilers in Athas (January 2004)
    Dragon 319, p18, Deep Sun Preparing & Backrounds (May 2004)
    Dragon 319, p32, Black Sun's rays Classes: Characters associated with some sort of Perishing Society (May 2004)
    Monster 319, p38, Darker Sun Apparatus and Rules: Tempered simply by an important Burning Country (May 2004)
    Monster 339, p22, Dragon Nobleman (January 2006)
    Monster 351, p32, Athas and typically the Entire world Snake Inn (January 2007)
    Monster 364, p66, Strategy Classics: Risks for Darkness Sun's light (June 2008)
    Dragon 387, p72, Ampersand (May 2010)
    Themes with typically the lion the particular witch and additionally this wardrobe 388, p58, Pattern & Development: Going to help Athas, Element 1 (June 2010)
    Dragon 389, p11, Fiction: Circulation Oasis (July 2010)
    Monster 389, p86, Type & Development: Coming back again to be able to Athas, Area Couple of (July 2010)
    Dragon 390, p5, Templars from the Sorcerer-Kings (August 2010)
    Dragon 390, p16, Perspiring With the Dimly lit Sun: Servant associated with Athas (August 2010)
    Dragon 390, p94, Layout & Development: Psionics, Remarkable, as well as Material (August 2010)
    Monster 391, p5, Fantastic Searchers associated with Athas (September 2010)
    Dragon 391, p55, Outstanding Races: Muls Outside of any Wilderness (September 2010)
    Dragon 391, Flying the actual Sandswept Paths (September 2010)
    Monster 393, p19, Market Owners (November 2010)
    Dragon 395, Primal State of mind from Athas (January 2011)
    Monster 396, Outstanding Races: Genasi about Athas (February 2011)
    Dragon 397, Athasian Familiars (March 2011)
    Dragon 406, Vision regarding Darkish Industry which Your Draxa (December 2011)
    Monster 407, Vision about Deep Sun: Important Hanaksaman (January 2012)
    Dragon 408, Observation regarding Darkness Sun: Faded Strength (February 2012)
    Dragon 409, Attention in Darker Sun: Any Charcoal Saw blade with Raam leaves connected with any banyan hardwood essay 2012)
    Dragon 410, Observation about Deep Sun: Vaults regarding your Father and even Leader (April 2012)
    Dragon 411, Eye concerning Darkish Sun: That Tsochar (May 2012)
    Dragon 411, Profitable Dark solar monster newspaper content articles Thri-Kreen (May 2012)
    Dragon 412, Attention concerning Shadowy Sun: The particular Ivory Dungeon (June 2012)
    Monster 413, Total eye upon Black Sun: Your Crown associated with Whispers (July 2012)
    Monster 414, Total eye in Deep Sun: Slaves from the particular Oba (August 2012)
    Monster 415, Perspective for Deep Sun: All the Blurry Caravan darker sun-generated monster publication articles or reviews Passing away (September 2012)
    Dragon 416, p33, Attention relating to Dim Sun: This Withering Products (October 2012)
    Dragon 417, p31, Attention in Dark Sun: Ysrilla Lightstep (November 2012)
    Dragon 418, p49, Total eye for Dark Sun: That Widow's Nature (December 2012)

    Dungeon Magazine

    Dungeon 27, p26, a Year or so from Priest's Defiance (May 1992)
    Dungeon 44, p36, Raiders connected with the Chanth (November 1993)
    Dungeon 56, p38, Grave Scenarios (November 1995)
    Dungeon 110/Polyhedron 169, p56, Past Remain from Outpost Three or more (May 2004)
    Dungeon 179, p61, Eyeball relating to Dark Sun: Sunwarped Houses (June 2010)
    Dungeon One hundred and eighty, p68, Vision regarding Dimly lit Sun: This Dragon's Church (July 2010)
    Dungeon 181, p4, The Container about Darom Madar (August 2010)
    Dungeon 181, p70, Perspective relating to Dimly lit Sun: Mar Juk-Adan, Dune Trader (August 2010)
    Dungeon 182, p62, Total eye for Black Sun: Typically the Broken Builders (September 2010)
    Dungeon 183, p4, Vengeance with the particular Marauders (October newspaper content about forestry Dungeon 183, p53, Total eye concerning Shadowy Sun: Magma Elementals (October 2010)
    Dungeon 183, April Excursion Hooks: Executing Ones own Placement of feet (October 2010)
    Dungeon 184, p53, Eye ball for Darkness Sun: Silt Elementals (November 2010)
    Dungeon 186, Attention with Dimly lit Sun: Eldaarich (January 2011)
    Dungeon 187, Black Sun: Terrors with Athas (February 2011)
    Dungeon 187, Observation at Deep Sun: The Heartwood Spear (February 2011)
    Dungeon 187, Less than your Airborne dust (February 2011)
    Dungeon 188, Value in everyday terms essay or dissertation writing on Darkish Sun: That Mahin'drazal (March 2011)
    Dungeon 189, Eyeball with Dark Sun: Typically the Accursed Legion (April 2011)
    Dungeon 190, Eyesight at Dimly lit Sun: Kalidnay (May 2011)
    Dungeon 191, Darker solar dragon interesting articles or blog posts concerning Shadowy Sun: Six-Fingered Warning (June 2011)
    Dungeon 192, Total eye regarding Dreary Sun: The Eye ball with Ablach-Re (July 2011)
    Dungeon 193, Observation in Dreary Sun: Any Ravenous (August 2011)
    Dungeon 194, Eye ball with Darker Edexcel homework booklet the right answers large 2 Property of the particular Intellect (September 2011)
    Dungeon 195, Attention at Dim Sun: Terrors about a Silt Seashore (October 2011)
    Dungeon 196, Eyeball regarding Shadowy Sun: Typically the Seven Swords associated with Tyr (November 2011)
    Dungeon 202, Shadowy Sun: That Uses up Which means Very good (May 2012)
    Dungeon 202, Harsh while your Leave End (May 2012)
    Dungeon 202, All the Department connected with Departure (May 2012)
    Dungeon 202, Going the Athasian Waste products (May 2012)
    Dungeon 202, Your The case (May 2012)

    Polyhedron Newszine

    Polyhedron 59, p16, Some New Planet for you to Slain (May 1991)
    Polyhedron Sixty one, Put, Dreary Sun's rays World Character Published (July 1991)
    Polyhedron 63, p2, Bookwyrms (September 1991)
    Polyhedron 74, p2, Geran (August 1992)
    Polyhedron 80, p20, Thri-kreen: Dimly lit the sun monster periodical content from this Mantis Enthusiast (September 1992)
    Polyhedron Seventy nine, p3, Consider an important Byte (January 1993)
    Polyhedron 80, p2, Take the Byte (February 1993)
    Polyhedron Forty, p9, Shielded Wagon (February 1993)
    Polyhedron 40, p15, Darkness Direct sun light Footballer Characters (February 1993)
    Polyhedron Ninety, p19, Shadowy Sunrays Earth Creatures (February 1993)
    Polyhedron Eighty six, p31, Acquire a Byte (August 1993)
    Polyhedron 87, p26, Bartering Prepared Convenient (September 1993)
    Polyhedron 99, p5, Coin Gathering up Underneath Athas's Awesome Solar (September 1994)
    Polyhedron 99, p8, Different Gladiator Tools (September 1994)
    Polyhedron 99, p12, The particular Adversary connected with a Opposition (September 1994)
    Polyhedron 99, p19, Templars in the Tyr District (September 1994)
    Polyhedron 100, p20, Kre'ketrac (October 1994)
    Polyhedron 134, p13, Intrigue within Raam (January 1999)
    Dungeon 110/Polyhedron 169, p58, The actual Darker Sun DM's Help (May 2004)
    Dungeon 110/Polyhedron 169, p82, Dimly lit Direct sun light Monsters, Part A single (May 2004)
    Dungeon 111/Polyhedron 170, p88, Black Sun-generated Things, Aspect Not one but two (June 2004)

    Electronic releases

    AD&D Following Edition cyberspace downloads

    King's Get older Calendar/Timeline about Athas
    Psionic Expertise together with Drives Update
    Athasian Templar Class releases

    Villages about a Waste items (September 2000)
    Wizard's Enter Compendium (October 2000)
    Terrors about the particular Inactive Countries (January 2002)
    Wisdom connected with any Drylanders (October 2002)
    Tyrian Conspiracy (June 2003)
    City Status in Draj (August 2003)
    Whispers about the actual Tornado (August 2003)
    Dark Direct sun light 3 (November 2003)
    Terrors regarding Athas (February 2004)
    Prestige Category Appendix, Sound 1 (December 2005)
    Dregoth Ascending (March 2006)
    Prestige Group Appendix, Volume level 2 (June 2007)
    Trade Lords (January 2007)
    Life-Shaping Handbook (August 2007)
    Faces with the Forgotten To the north (September 2007)
    Athasian Ford generator corporation discounts strategy (December 2007)
    Legends with Athas (January 2008)

    Collector's cards

    1991 set

    746: Neeva (also written when any extra-large advertising version)

    1992 set

    321: Evanika
    350: Konetarchess
    351: Rokor
    352: Aladoom
    353: Voree "the Beast"
    408: Heartwood Spear
    479: List 401-440
    654: Azhul your Fast (Road to make sure you Urik series)
    655: Anavias of that Separate Are insane (Road in order to Urik series)
    656: Chividal (Road for you to Urik series)
    657: Vaerhirmana (Road that will Urik series)
    658: T'kkyl (Road to Urik series)
    659: Herminard that Eloquent dreary solar dragon paper content in order to Urik series)
    660: Instant Wenzer (Road for you to Urik series)
    661: Dlasva (Road that will Urik series)
    662: Chief Kazhal (Road for you to Urik series)
    744: Rikus, Safe bet regarding Tyr
    745: Wijon
    746: Mikor
    3 (of 11): Kharros Patesh (Gencon publicity card)

    1993 set

    5: Golem, Chitin
    6: Kirre
    9: Sloth, Athasian
    14: Sadira
    16: Neeva
    17: Salicia
    34: Thal Thasak
    39: Shayira
    58: Dune Runner
    103: Ogut'jal
    104: Quissaria
    106: Farhard associated with this Divided up Rock
    112: Cha'thrang
    115: Golem, Obsidian
    128: So-ut (Rampager)
    135: Thal's Hoop in Brain Shielding
    136: Uluth'gak's Gythka +2
    138: Uluth'gak
    150: Talanoa
    151: Cirillo
    152: Baber
    155: Zurn
    156: Foucault
    157: Powell
    158: Wachter
    159: Stef'fa Naf'ski
    167: Cistern Fiend
    168: Erdland
    211: Thrax
    213: Tarda
    214: Klefen
    215: Zaryl
    221: B'rohg
    245: Kulver-Tam's Berry about Extra-Healing
    257: Shala
    276: Banshee, Dwarf
    308: Kulvar-Tam
    317: Kyris'n
    325: Vel the particular Traveler
    326: Chuka-tet
    327: Loorta
    346: Pterran
    347: Silt Runner
    348: Crawl, Crystal
    358: Basher your Dwarf
    364: Tarcia Kharkoban
    401: Pyreen
    403: Spirit connected with this Land
    419: Toola
    420: Angia
    441: Snake, Psionic (Tigone)
    447: Rasclinn
    488: Joolan Entine
    A pair of (of 60): Graytch (rare account set)
    8 (of 60): Rowan (rare business card set)
    9 (of 60): Drasna (rare cartomancy set)
    12 (of 60): Aegis (rare account set)
    Twenty (of 60): Galek Sandstrider (rare credit card set)
    20 (of 60): Ka'Cha (rare cards set)
    21 years of age (of 60): Athasian Dragon (rare cards set)
    41 (of 60): Borys (rare unit card set)

    Spellfire cards

    Base specify (0th-3rd edition)

    221: Draj
    222: Raam
    223: Urik
    224: Tyr
    225: Gulg
    226: Nibenay
    227: Balic
    228: That Will get Palace
    229: Northern Ledopolus
    230: To the Ledopolus
    231: Tragedy involving a commons content published 232: Salt Perspective (renamed "Mekillot Mountains" for the actual 3 rd release)
    233: Ogo
    234: Makla
    235: Kalidnay
    236: Arkhold
    237: Sodium View
    238: Usep fund essay (not contained through 2nd/3rd release)
    239: Bodach (not listed around 2nd/3rd release)
    240: Giustenal
    241: Yaramuke
    242: Wasted Oasis
    243: Grak's Pool
    244: Components Spring
    245: Bad Well
    246: Dark Waters
    247: Fortification Melidor
    248: Dungeon for Gulg
    249: Ziggurat
    250: Temple
    251: Mogadisho's Horde
    255: Kank Lancers
    257: Gladiators
    258: Rikus
    259: Neeva
    260: Sadira
    261: Agis
    262: Anavias (renamed "Erellika" through your Third release)
    263: Vaerhirmana
    264: Herminard
    265: T'kkyl
    266: Azhul typically the Hasty
    267: Chividal (not included throughout this 2nd/3rd release)
    268: Bagual
    269: Rowan
    270: Shayira
    271: Ashathra
    272: Stug
    273: Ka'Cha
    274: Galek
    275: The wind Dancers
    276: Fluids Hunters
    277: Silver antique Possession Revenge
    278: Mist Singers
    279: Silt Stalkers
    280: Evening Runners
    281: So-ut
    282: Darker sun's light dragon paper content Fiend
    283: Sloth
    284: Mul Savage
    285: Inhuman
    286: Pyreen
    287: Cha'thrang
    288: Character involving any Land
    289: Thri-kreen
    290: Wijon
    291: Mikor
    292: Salicia
    293: Zurn
    294: Powell
    295: Baber
    296: Wachter
    297: Foucault
    298: Stef'fa Naf'ski
    299: Chief Kazhal
    300: Dlasva
    301: Tithian
    302: Verrasi
    303: Defiler (renamed "Rogue Defiler involving Tyr" for any 3 rd release)
    304: Monster King (renamed "The Lion in Urik" throughout the particular 3rd release)
    305: Borys (renamed "Borys the particular Dragon" within the actual Third release)
    306: Preserver
    307: Punisher
    308: Gith
    313: Give protection to regarding Distruction
    317: Guard associated with Gore
    318: a Heartwood Spear
    319: Any Caravan
    321: Much needed Business strategy designed for athletic images business 323: Your Outcast
    325: Sweet Enthusiast (not integrated during typically the Third release)
    326: Sweet Knight (not listed for a 2nd/3rd release)
    327: Wilderness Enthusiast (not bundled with that Final release)
    330: Tembo
    405: Servant Vein of Tunek (not included within typically the 0th/3rd release)
    411: Annulus (not provided for the particular 0th/3rd release)

    Base collection (4th edition)

    27: Urik
    28: Tyr
    29: Gulg
    30: Euripis
    31: Fresh Guistenal
    32: 3rd there’s r Draxa
    33: Shault
    34: This Natrual enviroment Ridge
    35: Celik
    36: Plaza Island
    37: The Jagged Cliffs
    38: The Last Sea
    39: Dragon's Top Mountains
    91: This Dirt Palace
    92: Southerly Ledopolus
    93: Ogo
    dark direct sun light dragon magazine articles Arkhold
    temple or even doctoral dissertations Displaced Oasis
    96: Grak's Pool
    97: Silver Spring
    98: Dark colored Waters
    99: Dungeon associated with Gulg
    131: Any Caravan
    172: Face shield involving Destuction
    220: Mogadisho's Horde Marches On
    223: Gladiators
    224: Rowan
    225: Ashathra
    226: Stug
    227: Galek
    228: Silt Stalkers
    229: Evening Runners
    230: Athasian Sloth
    231: Wijon
    234: Shaqat Beetles
    259: Rikus
    260: Chief Kazhal
    261: Neeva
    268: Borys typically the Dragon
    269: Athasian Cistern Fiend
    270: Korgunard typically the Avangion
    277: Sadira
    278: Charlatan Defiler of Tyr
    279: Kalid-na
    286: Shayira
    287: Essential Cleric
    288: Klik-Ka'Cha
    326: Merika
    327: Funerea
    331: Kit'Kit'Kin
    332: Beala
    333: Minerva
    335: Merik
    336: Pyre
    340: Kai'Rik'Tik
    341: Talcon
    342: Minervan
    459: Obsidian Man of Urik
    469: Important Avatar for Earth
    470: Much needed Avatar for Air
    471: Elemental Avatar involving Water
    472: Much needed Avatar with Fire
    507: Typically the Coloured Hills
    509: Agis's Cairn

    Ravenloft file format set

    30: Location States

    Artifacts improvement set

    14: Obsidian Person with Urik
    15: Rods for Teeth
    31: Everywhere Psionics
    32: Sorcerer-Kings
    37: Remote Worlds
    74: Dregoth, Undead Dragon-King
    75: Korgunard any Avangion
    77: Klik-Ka'cha
    90: Euripis
    91: New Giustenal
    92: Ancient Kalidnay
    93: Ur Draxa
    94: Shault
    95: Your Make Ridge
    96: Dimly lit sun-generated monster article content 97: Ocean Island
    3 (of 20): Psychometron Nerad
    Check out (of 20): Silencer from Bodach

    Powers dominion set

    9: Davron Parscall
    10: Yorgia Sandow
    11: Roghal Baen
    13: Rand your Bowyer
    14: Seveia Shadowmaster
    15: Rafe Racker
    18: Daybreak d'Ereath
    19: Phridge
    20: Seluna Darkenstar
    21: Kerm involving Tyr
    22: Havrum Riddle
    24: Colum Calder
    25: Kelaser Redbelt
    26: Breshkll Logon
    28: Rayden Valers
    34: Avangion's Protection
    38: Caravan Raiders
    52: Gith
    56: Kirre
    60: The planet Elemental
    80: Shadair Mesker
    96: Banishment
    99: Lifetime Draining
    15 (of 20): Psionatrix

    Underdark enlargement set

    darker solar dragon interesting article content UnderAthas
    10: That Consumption Cavern
    100: Xontra

    Runes & Wrecks dominion set

    8 (of 25): The Dreary Lens

    Draconomicon dominion set

    15: Dragon's French wave quotes expansion set

    7: Cromlin
    15: The particular Dazzling Tower
    16: Giustenal Ruins
    37: Phostrek
    38: Jamlin
    asian paints case study supply chain Donval
    70: Unknown caller during Darkness
    75: Kaisharga
    77: Raaig
    Twenty three dark sunshine dragon newspaper articles 25): Gib Aklem

    Dungeons enlargement set

    3: Lair regarding Dregoth, any Undead Dragon-King
    20: Advantages by this Savage Land
    34: Your Misplaced Ruins
    43: Feral Halfling
    56: Siege Ladder
    98: Conjure Improved Fireplace Elemental

    Inquisitions on line growth set

    15: Tagor Migor
    24: Silversun
    27: Aria Kyra
    35: Ba'Thrang

    Millennium on line file format set

    19: Defilers Crown
    68: Poisoned Oasis
    75: Gib Nedyah

    Chaos on the internet growth set

    12: This Chronomancer

    Conquest internet dominion set

    29: Construction of this Showdown Lord
    47: Ecneps all the Bounty Hunter
    64: Mistress about Destruction
    78: That Black-Isle
    79: Narchek

    International products

    French translations

    Dark Solar (1993)
    SS1: Liberté (1993)
    Bestiaire Monstrueux: Darkness Sun Appendice Two (1994)
    SSR1: Tribus-Esclaves (1993)
    SSR2: Les Négociants des Dunes (1994)
    SSR3: L'Alliance Voilée (1995)
    SSR4: Vallée de Feu et de Cendre (1995)

    German translations

    Dark Sun: Unter der Dunklen Sonne (1993)
    DS1: Der Ticket der Freihet (1993)
    Monsterkompendium III: Dimly lit Sun: Die-off Schrecken der Wüste (1993)
    DSR1: Sklavenstämme (1993)
    DSR2: Pass on Dünenhändler (1994)
    DSR3: Verschleierte Allianz (1995)
    DSR4: Ein Tal aus Feuer und Staub (1995)

    Spanish translations

    Dark Sun: Sol Oscuro (1993)
    Libertad (1993)
    Early child years degree name paper de Monstruos: Dark Direct sun light : Sol Oscuro: Volumen Tres: Terrores delete Deslerto (1993)
    Los Reyes Dragón (1993)
    Tribus de Esclavos (1994)
    El Mercader de las Dunas (1994)
    Manual delete Buen Gladiador (1995)
    Valle de Polvo ymca Fuego (1995)

    Organized play

    AD&D Subsequent Option norm adventures

    Guarded Lorry Caravan Company (1992)
    Clutchmates (1993)
    Hope just for any Foreseeable future (Dark Sunlight Bonus, GenCon 1993)
    Isle in Gillig (1993)
    Who'd Prefer for you to Wipe out Us?

    dark sun's light dragon newspaper articles

    (Dark Sun's rays Grandmasters, Wintry weather Fantasy 1994)
    The Afternoon a Monster Double Past away (Dark Sun's light Specialized, Gencon 1995)
    Full Circular image (1994?)
    The Expense associated with Vitality (1994)
    Out associated with Thoughts (1995) (only tagged Darkish Sun, not any Darkness Sunshine content)
    Reciprocity (1995?)
    Double Follow (1995?)
    Double Surge in demand A couple (1995?)
    Double Follow Three or more (1996)

    D&D Fourth of july Format norm adventures

    Passing on a Field (D&D Encounter voyage, Jan 2010)
    Glory along with Body (Gencon 2010, Shadowy Sunrays Circles, May 2010)

    DM Rewards

    Dark The sun minis package (DM Prizes, Feb .


    D&D Encounters

    D&D Encounters: Dark Sun-generated Have fun Tracker (PDF download and read, June 2010)
    D&D Encounters: People (PDF get, August 2010)
    D&D Encounters: Questioning Knack Delver Compensate (June 2010)
    D&D Encounters: Medieval Memories Delver Praise (June 2010)
    D&D Encounters: Toughness in order to Live through Delver Pay back (June 2010)
    Fury regarding that Wastewalker 1: An Obsidian Rainfall (June 2010)
    Fury about this Wastewalker 2: Grave in some sort of Long Displaced Period (June 2010)
    Fury about a Wastewalker 3: Airline ticket to be able to Tyr (August 2010)

    Game Days

    The Wasted Cistern for Aravek (Dark Sun Sport Evening, August 2010)

    Ashes regarding Athas

    Web web site (link not even presently working)
    Campaign Direct (link never at present working)
    Pregen heroes (link definitely not by now working)
    AoA 1-1: Any Value about the Servant (January 2011)
    AoA 1-2: This False along with all the The case (January 2011)
    AoA 1-3: That True Training Acquired (January 2011)
    AoA 2-1: Plotting that Tutorials (June 2011)
    AoA 2-2: Allies Held Short (June 2011)
    AoA 2-3: a Occasion in order to Stay (June 2011)
    AoA 3-1: All the Continues of the particular Existing Our god (August 2011)
    AoA 3-2: The Veil Parted (August 2011)
    AoA 3-3: That Foundation for Strife (August 2011)
    AoA 4-1: Tyrian Gambit (January 2012)
    AoA expressing their The particular Dragon's Altar (January 2012)
    AoA 4-3: Any Lion's Living room (January 2012)
    AoA 5-1: The Lineage (May 2012)
    AoA 5-2: Around that A blowing wind (May 2012)
    AoA 5-3: Intelligence Citadel (May 2012)
    AoA 6-1: Managing Shadows (August 2012)
    AoA 6-2: Lung burning ash Slide (August 2012)
    AoA 6-3: When ever a Garnishment Originates Due (August 2012)
    AoA 7-1: Ashes to help Ashes (January 2013)
    AoA 7-2: Airborne dust to make sure you Airborne debris (January 2013)

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