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Autistic person

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autism[aw-tiz-uh m]|nounPsychiatry. a pervasive developmental disorder of children, characterized by impaired communication, excessive rigidity, and emotional detachment: now considered one of the autism spectrum disorders.a tendency to view life in terms of one's own needs and desires.Explore Dictionary.comOrigin of autismFirst recorded in 1910–15;aut- + -ismRelated formsau·tist, nounau·tis·tic[aw-tis-tik]/ɔˈtɪs tɪk/, adjectiveau·tis·ti·cal·ly, adverbun·au·tis·tic, adjectiveCan be Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc.


Articles on mefenamic acid

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Highlights for mefenamic acidMefenamic acid oral capsule is available as a generic drug and a brand-name drug. Brand name: Ponstel.Mefenamic acid only comes as a capsule you take by mouth.Mefenamic acid oral capsule is used to treat mild to moderate pain and dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain). What is mefenamic acid?Mefenamic acid is a prescription drug.


Brokeback mountain (short story)

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Remember that movie Brokeback Mountain from a while back. It stirred up a whole lot of controversy, nabbed itself an Academy Award nomination or two, and had mediocre stand-up comments quoting it's famous "I wish I knew how to quit you line." Yeah, we bet you remember that.


H c d research paper

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D.H. Lawrence Research PapersEssays on D.H.


Assignment sample of aiou

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Assignment writing aiou Essay We show 9 cells corresponding to low, medium and high categories. To 5 would have 25 cells( considering 100%). For egg Critical will have high priority.


Sample cover letter closing remarks

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You're about to learn how to end a cover letter. But first, think about this: Picture an HR manager's office. Nice maple-scented Bonsai waterfall. Near it is a battered Microsoft Surface crammed with 300+ cover letters and resumes. The manager, Christie, is reading yours right now. She looks interested... more interested...


Statistics research paper example pdf downloads

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The research paper is a kind of essay writing practice in the university and college studies. It involves subject research using various data collection methods like interviews, field study, books reading etc. But, many students have a misconception about research paper writing because of the lack of information and idea about Research Paper writing.Explore our below research lined paper sample documents and learn effective ways of writing research papers.


Uses for satellites

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Satellites are manmade objects put into orbit. They often affect our lives without our realizing it: they make us safer, provide modern conveniences, and broadcast entertainment. Here are some of the jobs satellites do:TelevisionSatellites send television signals directly to homes, but they also are the backbone of cable and network TV. These satellites send signals from a central station that generates programming to smaller stations that send the signals locally via cables or the airwaves. "At the scene" news broadcasts, whether live reporting on a vote at the Capitol or from the scene of a traffic accident, are sent from the field to the studio via satellite, too.TelephonesSatellites provide in-flight phone communications on airplanes, and are often the main conduit of voice communication for rural areas and areas where phone lines are damaged after a disaster. Satellites also provide the primary timing source for cell phones and pagers. In 1998, a satellite failure demonstrated this dependence; it temporarily silenced 80 percent of the pagers in the United States, National Public Radio was not able to distribute its broadcasts to affiliates and broadcasted only via its website, and on the CBS Evening News, the image of Dan Rather froze while the audio continued.NavigationSatellite-based navigation systems like the Navstar Global Positioning Systems (known colloquially as GPS) enable anyone with a handheld receiver to determine her location to within a few meters.


Harvard business school case studies

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The case studies are broken down by sector and type:  1) Transportation 2) Mining 3) Oil & Gas 4) Power 5) Telecommunications 6) Other sectors 7) General project finance cases 8) Subject and technical notes. NOTE:  Many of these cases are available in a casebook:Esty, Benjamin C., 2004, Modern Project Finance:  A Casebook, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., (New York, NY). Now available. Transportation Cases:Airbus A3XX: Developing the World's Largest Commercial Jet(), 2000, (A Case # 201-028; B case # 201-126); Describes the plane's $13B development program and the competitive situation between Boeing and Airbus (The A3XX is also known as the A380).Empresas ICA and the Mexican Road Privatization Program, 1992, Case # 793-028;  analyzes one company's role in the privatization of Mexican toll roads in the early 1990s.Poland's A2 Motorway, 2001, Case # 202-030, Assesses risk management strategies in Poland's first private toll road (e934 million).Texas High-Speed Rail Corp., 1993, Case # 293-072.Return to Top   Mining Cases:The An Tai Bao Coal Mining Project, 1988, Case # 288-041, Occidental decides whether to invest $400 million in a Chinese coal mine.Bidding for Antamina, 1997, Case # 297-054.Restructuring Bulong's Project Debt, 2002, Case # 203-027.  Describes Bulong (an Australian nickel mine) and attempts to restructure its US$185 million project bond following default in January 2000.Busang: The River of Gold (A), 1998, Case # 798-0028.Corporate Responsibility & Community Engagement at the Tintaya Copper Mine (A&B), 2006, Case #507-xxx and Case #507-030.  Analyzes BHP Billiton's attempts to gain local support for a Peruvian mine.Return to Top  Oil & Gas (and Pipeline) Cases:The Kashagan Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), 2013, Case # 213-082.  After delays and cost overruns, the Kazakh government wants to renegotiate the terms of a 40-year contract governing the Kashagan oil field--set in July 2007.   BP Amoco (A):  Policy Statement on the Use of Project Finance, 2001, Case # 201-054.  Describes the costs and benefits of using project finance instead of internal, corporate funds to finance new capital investments.  BP Amoco (B):  Financing Development of the Caspian Oil Fields, 2001, Case # 201-067.  Applying the new policy statement to the AIOC's $10B oil field development project in Azerbaijan.  See also the Note on the Caspian Oil Pipelines, 1999, Case # 299-044.  The Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project (A, B, C, D & E), 2001, Cases # 202-010, # 202-012, #206-139, and #207-087.  Should the World Bank Group participate in this high risk/high return project, a $4 billion oil-field development project (known as Esso Chad). This 5-part case study analyzes the progress of the project over seven years.  Journey to Sakhalin: Royal Dutch/Shell in Russia, 2004, Case # 704-040, explores the production sharing agreement (PSA) between the private sponsors (Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, SEIC) and the Russian government.


Frankenstein creating the monster

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How Dr. Frankenstein created a monsterMary Shelley’s Frankenstein, published in 1818, is considered to be one of the first science fiction novels ever written.The book is about a man called Dr. Victor Frankenstein who tries to create life.

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